People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Simon Sinek

Who I Am

I support companies and organisations find and define their corporate blueprint and transform their business – through clarity, ideas that last, and communication.

So that they become a sustainable, successful brand that people love and respect – a prerequisite for growth and great impact.


Vesna is a Conscious Business Strategist and expert in Brand and Communications. She has long been fascinated by how companies can improve society. – Vesna has worked with and inspired many leaders of multinational companies. After two decades in leadership roles in the global corporate world, she has seen the impact that companies have when they commit to a purpose bigger than themselves.


Vesna’s podcast Corporate Unplugged features thought leaders, progressive business people and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The ideas that emerge in the podcast provide holistic insight and tools on how to grow business impact. – She collaborates with leading professors in their research on leadership, innovation, design and meaning as value driver.


Vesna’s global business network provides a strong platform for growth. – Her ability to embrace a multitude of perspectives, her sense of clarity, creative thinking and strong empathy comes from her multi-cultural life experience. She originates from Serbia, travels extensively and is based in Sweden and Italy.

What I Do

Corporate Blueprint

For CEOs, founders and management

Together we revisit and define the blueprint of your company and explore the impact you want to have and ways to reach it. What impact does your company wish to have, and why?

The reasons to be a conscious business are increasing. Finding your organisation’s why is the most valuable asset you can discover to make your company not only thrive but also have impact. The stronger and more anchored your why, the easier it will be to unite your team and your community under a common cause and create amazing results, including profits.

Your own purpose

For CEOs and founders

Together we explore who you are as a person, your why, the impact you want to have, and the ways to reach it..

Make it who you are, not what you do. Discover your purpose, the source of your passion and inspiration. You may not be clear on what your purpose is, or how to express it and share it with the world. I guarantee you, you have one.

When what you do connects directly to your why, fulfilment comes.

Speaking: Unplugged Insights

Insights from podcast interviews with the most prominent thinkers like Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Srikomar Rao, Eric Edmeades, Johan Rockström, Roberto Verganti and CEOs and founders from companies like All Saints, Mindvalley, Ferd, Aboca, Tictail, Neuroscape, Atlas Copco, Franklin Covey and Summa Equity.

The perspectives, the mindsets and ideas to support you and your company to grow. From candid conversations with a cross-generation of power-filled leaders from all over the world.


As a mentor and coach, I guide professionals who are ready for the next level of growth in their companies. we clarify your goals and design a blueprint and an action plan to co-create this new reality.

I collaborate and connect a global network of partners and specialists in Innovation, Leadership, Tech, Sustainable Brand Building, Design, Cultural Engagement, Communications and more.


“Vesna has the amazing ability to listen, assimilate and communicate ideas that last. She provides important insights and supports us in creating ways to grow our business impact and drive us further in our ambition to do good.”
Geetali Chhatwal Jonsson
CEO of the sustainable home fashion brand Chhatwal&Jonsson
“Vesna supports us in creating an authentic brand to inspire a new way to create value; investing to solve global challenges.”
Reynir Indahl
Founder and CEO of Summa Equity
“Vesna brings mindset change. She charged the audience with her power-filled messages and advice on how to transform your presence for real impact, as a person and as a company.”
Elena Casolari
Founder & CEO of Opesfund

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